Stress Management for Seniors

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

Retirement is meant to be a time of relaxation after years of hard work. A time where you can finally do the activities you’ve always wanted to do, but did not have time for while you were working. On the contrary, retirement can also bring about new stressors, particularly for seniors. With aging comes new concerns, such as managing health, managing retirement funds, and managing new-found time. Below are ways to help you de-stress and enjoy retirement!

Put YOU First
This idea may seem obvious but is actually easier said than done for most seniors. Take some “me time.” Exercise, explore the outdoors or do whatever makes you the happiest. Taking time each day to do an activity that brings you joy not only distracts you from any ongoing problems of retirement life but also helps alleviate the weight of those problems by allowing you to prioritize what matters most.

So many sources of inspiration exist in our society today, it’s hard to choose. You can hop on the internet and read something that inspires you. Or you can head to your local library and check out a book you’ve been meaning to read before you retired. By making reading a regular habit, you allow yourself to fall into the world of the story and leave your problems behind.

Meditate & Be Thankful
You do not have to be a yoga instructor to know how to meditate! Meditation is easier than it seems and can be very beneficial to both the mind and the body. Choose a comfortable, quiet space and practice deep breathing for a couple of minutes. Voila! You’ve just meditated. If meditating on your own seems too daunting, there are many apps specifically built for guided meditation. You may find this more helpful when starting out. By meditating you are allowing yourself the time and space to relax and discover a place of peace.

Here at Francois Bend, we are dedicated to keeping our residents happy, healthy, and stress-free! If you live in the Gonzales area and are interested in the stress- and maintenance-free lifestyle Francois Bend offers, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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