Senior Citizen Halloween Costume Ideas

Senior Citizen Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween costumes aren’t just for children: it’s for everyone! Halloween gives us all permission to have a little fun by being something we aren’t, no matter what age you are! Halloween hasn’t always been for everyone. In the past decade, national spending on Halloween has mushroomed from $5 billion to an estimated record high of $8.4 billion. Adults are spending more than 65% more than kids on their costume! Here at Francois-Bend, we love to keep imaginations growing and alive no matter what the age. Here are five  costumes that we have compiled from other senior citizens to inspire you no matter what age to have some Halloween fun!


Come the dark side with this darth grandma costume. All you need is some black clothing and a face mask!


The golden girls are a classic! Going to the thrift store is a great way to get a jumpstart on this costume.

         This costume is for the artist! We are so impressed by the incredible detail in this costume!

This costume is perfect for a senior couple! The can of spinach adds a nice touch!

The women of the Red Hat Society are alway ready to dress up. With purple garments complete with red accents and hats, this costume will bring out the fancy side of senior ladies!

Here at Francois Bend, we love receiving new ideas and feedback. Leave us your costume ideas and links in the comment section. We hope that your October is full of Fall activities and that you have a safe and Happy halloween!






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