How To Have The Talk

One of the hardest parts of moving your loved ones into assisted living is talking to them about it. More times than not, your loved ones will not be happy with the idea at first. A psychologist who has counseled many people in the situation of moving elderly parents, knows how difficult it can be when a parent in need of an aging parent care refuses to leave his or her home.

The most important step in starting the conversation is to assess your loved one’s situation. Once you understand why your loved one keeps  saying no to a move, you can address the situation. It’s always a good idea to introduce the subject much further ahead than they may need to be moved. Consider including many members of the family in this conversation.

Frame the conversation around your concerns. Telling a loved one, “I’m worried about myself” is a less critical way to be true to your emotions. Explain how an assisted living community can provide the type of care that you cannot. It’s important to also make sure that your loved one does not think that you are telling them that they are a burden.

It’s very hard to convey that you are putting their interests first and to be honest and open with your family. Discuss why this move will be beneficial to both of you in the long run. Another great way to ease the conversation is to include a health care provider. Even after several conversations, your loved one may still express strong reservations about the move. A doctor can present a strong, objective argument from a medical perspective. Try including a physician that your loved ones are familiar with.

Francois Bend can help you if your loved one is resisting having this conversation. We know how difficult it is to transition your parent or loved one from the home that no longer supports their health and wellness to an assisted living community. Browse our fantastic community here.

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